White Corn Seeds


Experience the sweetness and tenderness of homegrown white corn with F1 hybrid white corn seeds from Moji Mall. Enjoy the delicious flavor and versatility of these corn ears, perfect for summer harvests and enhancing your culinary creations.

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  • Name: White Corn Seeds
  • Type: Vegetable
  • Species/Variety: F1 Hybrid

Purpose: Perfect for gardening enthusiasts, these F1 hybrid white corn seeds from Moji Mall allow you to grow your own sweet and tender white corn, providing a delicious addition to your summer harvest and culinary endeavors.

Growing Information:

  • Sunlight: Full sun
  • Soil Type: Well-drained, fertile soil
  • Water Requirements: Regular watering, keeping the soil consistently moist
  • Planting Depth: Plant seeds approximately 1 inch deep
  • Germination Time: Around 7-10 days

These F1 hybrid white corn seeds from Moji Mall produce strong and healthy plants that yield sweet and tender white corn ears. The kernels have a delightful crunch and a deliciously sweet flavor, making them perfect for grilling, steaming, or adding to salads and other culinary dishes.

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